Welcome to Qatar! You will find information about preparations for your move and life in Qatar in our Inside Guide. Please click here to download it. You are very welcome to contact the Outpost Qatar team on with any questions you may have. We will be happy to assist you further.

Documents to bring

Before departure, make sure you have all important documents organized and carry these with you when you travel:  

  • Passports (have to be valid for at least 6 months after the date of arrival)
  • Birth certificates/adoption papers
  • Marriage license
  • Documents confirming your assignment, hardcopy of legalised documents and your work visa.
  • Details of your financial accounts
  • Blood group certificate
  • Medical Transcripts (general practitioner & dental)
  • Immunization booklets
  • Insurance documents
  • No-Claims letter from auto insurance
  • Drivers Licenses (national and international)
  • Spouse’s diploma’s and certificates translated in English and attesting by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassies might be needed.
  • A set of 12 passport size photographs (for all family members) will be needed immediately after arrival. These must be full face and have a blue background. City Center Mall and Landmark mall have photo booths where pictures can be taken at relatively low cost.

Air & Sea Freight

Air freight normally arrives within a week of dispatch, with a further few days for customs inspection.  This will be delivered to temporary accommodation.

Sea freight can take several weeks, typically between 6-8 weeks.  Customs clearance can also be lengthy particularly if the shipment coincides with Ramadan or Eid holidays.

Suggested contents of your air freight:





Favorite Foods (non-perishable)

Indecent Material (Publications & DVD’s)

Books (Favorite Cookbooks)

Religious publications for distribution

Favorite Kitchen Tools (coffee maker, etc)


Car seats for children

Pork products

Toys for children (scooters, bikes, toys)


Bedding /Towels (Your transit accommodation will have sheets and towels but you may prefer your own)


Pet Supplies - especially if your pet has special dietary requirements


DVD’s - Transit accommodation will have a basic TV package but DVD’s of TV shows from your home country might be useful - especially for children




Qatar Customs Authorities at Hamad International Airport are very strict on their requirements with regards of bringing medicines (specifically prescription medicines) into Qatar. Not all prescription medicines are allowed into Qatar.  If you have any questions about the regulations, please email the Shell doctor at before traveling to Qatar.

Please note that you must carry the following documentation if you bring any prescription medicines into Qatar:

•          A current and legible prescription in hard-copy form with the patient’s name, date of birth, address, name of the medicine, dose, quantity and duration of treatment (if hand-written it should be in uppercase). The prescription must be signed, dated and stamped by the doctor.

•          A hard-copy statement from the doctor briefly noting the medical condition for which the medicine was prescribed.

Arrival at Doha International airport

Al Maha Meet & Great Service

Al Maha Services is a meet-and-greet service for passengers arriving, departing and/or transferring through Hamad International Airport in Doha. They will fast-track the immigration formalities, assist you through customs clearance and provide porter assistance for the luggage. If you would like to make use of this service on arrival, you can book it through this link Al-Maha Services. Please note that these services are at your own cost.

Airport transfer

Your transfer from the airport will be arranged by the Shell Transport Team. A Shell driver will meet you outside of the baggage claim and customs area (arrival meet & greet hall) and will take you to your transit accommodation.

Qatar Residence Permit (QID)

Shell’s Visa & Immigration team will provide full support to employees and families throughout the formalities of obtaining a residence permit, including transportation to government institutions as may be required. Immediately after arrival the Residence Permit process for the employee will be started. Resident Permit for family members will kick start after the employee’s Resident Permit is obtained.

The application process consists of:

  • Medical examination (blood test & x-ray) at the Government Medical Commission in Qatar.
  • Fingerprinting for CID police clearance after favourable medical result is obtained.

Your appointment(s) for medical and fingerprinting will be confirmed by the Visa & Immigration team within your first week in the Qatar office after you have submitted all the above mentioned documents. For any questions regarding visa or immigration, please contact

Transit accommodation

Employees & families, who will be living in Doha, will stay in hotel serviced apartments or Shell Transit Accommodation arranged prior to arrival. The accommodation is designed to meet the day-to-day living needs of individuals and families by providing all necessary cookery, laundry and telecommunication equipment. Each short-term apartment will be cleaned each week and fresh linens will be provided.

All serviced apartment complexes that Qatar Shell uses contain facilities such as restaurants, swimming pool and gym and are conveniently located near shopping facilities.

The typical length of stay in temporary accommodation is 6-8 weeks and is directly dependent on the delivery of your sea freight container.


There is a wide range of high quality Primary/Secondary schools and curriculums available in Doha. Many parents choose  and many parents make the decision based on curriculum. As many of the schools have waiting lists, we recommend you to sign your children up for school as early as you possibly can. Applying for schools can be quite daunting. There is paperwork required, application fees apply and an admission test is often part of the process. For more information about schools in Qatar, please download the Schooling Guide to Qatar by clicking here.


The import of animals is permitted (certain breeds of dogs are restricted, such as Doberman and Great Dane). There are no quarantine restrictions, however, the pet must be micro-chipped and a valid health certificate and a vaccination record including proof of anti-rabies vaccine are required. The latter must be renewed when the animal is taken out of the country.

Shell does not assist in the transportation or importation of pets nor does Shell reimburse the costs relating to pet relocation. Pets entering Qatar must have a valid Import Permit. Outpost Qatar would recommend that you contract the services of a pet relocator as all of the paper work needs to be completed in Arabic and collecting your pet at the airport can be a difficult and time consuming task.

Pet Relocation Services in Qatar are:


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