Medical and dental needs are well catered for in Doha. There is a wide range of medical services and specialists operating in the many health centres, hospitals and clinics.

Emergency Numbers

  • Police/Fire/Ambulance           999
  • Water Emergency                 991
  • Electricity Emergency            991
  • Shell Duty Manager               +974 5554 5381

Shell medical advisor

The Shell medical advisor for Qatar is Dr. Israr Ahmed. Email:

Health insurance

Qatar has recently launched its National Health Insurance Scheme. Currently it is only available for nationals. In future, expatriates will also be covered in this. Under the scheme, it would be compulsory for employers to provide health insurance for all their employees. Currently it is optional.

In January 2016 Cigna became the GEMS provider for Shell. For more information about Cigna please read the frequently asked questions.

The Cigna Envoy website gives you an overview of your plans, allows you to submit and track claims, and provides health & wellbeing advice as well as an option to find healthcare providers near you. Please note that you will need your Cigna member ID and password to log into the website.

The Cigna Envoy app allows you to submit and monitor your claims on the go and ensures that you always carry your virtual membership cards on your phone.

Public healthcare & Hamad health card

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is the government-run, non-profit healthcare provider in Qatar; it runs five hospitals and 24 primary health care centers or community clinics. Healthcare services are available to citizens and residents of Qatar at a heavily subsidized rate which can be accessed by showing your government-issued Health Card. We highly recommend you to apply for a Health card for yourself, your family and if applicable for your domestic helper. Shell Visa & Immigration Team can apply for the Hamad Health card for you and your family on your behalf after your residence permit has been processed.

Hamad General                                                                       +974 4439 4444

Private healthcare

Private clinics and hospitals in Qatar are considered to be of high quality. Please find below a list of hospitals.

•          Doha Clinic                              +974 4438 4333

•          Al Ahli Hospital                          +974 4489 8888

•          American Hospital                            +974 4442 1999

•          Aspetar (Orthopedic & Sports)                    +974 4413 2000

Shell has a medical service contract with Doha Clinic situated in the middle of town. Doha Clinic is considered one of the best medical facilities in the country. They provide GP and specialist consultants, a laboratory, an emergency room, a fully functional hospital unit, dentist and a pharmacy - all open 24 hours a day. Another, very popular clinic particularly for obstetric & paediatric needs is Al Ahli Hospital.

Qatar immunization schedule

For the immunization schedule for children up to 16 years, please visit Qatar immunization schedule.  

Dental Care

  • Doha Clinic                              +974 4438 4333
  • Queen Dental Centre                    +974 4493 2888
  • Dr Sarah’s                                     +974 4444 1050


Pharmacies can be found inside the hospitals and clinics, in malls and at some petrol stations.

Bringing medicines into Qatar

Qatar Customs Authorities at Hamad International Airport are very strict on their requirements with regards of bringing medicines (specifically prescription medicines) into Qatar. Not all prescription medicines are allowed into Qatar.  If you have any questions about the regulations, please email the Shell doctor at before traveling to Qatar.

Please note that you must carry the following documentation if you bring any prescription medicines into Qatar:

•          A current and legible prescription in hard-copy form with the patient’s name, date of birth, address, name of the medicine, dose, quantity and duration of treatment (if hand-written it should be in uppercase). The prescription must be signed, dated and stamped by the doctor.

•          A hard-copy statement from the doctor briefly noting the medical condition for which the medicine was prescribed.

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